How to Measure for a Doll Wig


Use a soft narrow tape measure and place around the doll’s head at the back of the neck, behind both ears and across the top of the forehead. The position of the tape measure should reflect the natural hair line.

Once you have that measurement select the wig size that most closely matches the measurement. For example: a measure of 5 1/2  would likely take a size 5-6 wig.

Next choose the type and style of wig you want. If your intention is to cut, dye or restyle a wig, research which fibers are most suited for your purpose.

Finally, if needed, use a wig cap, Velcro dots, moleskin or rubber bands to help keep the wig secure.  

** NOTE** Most wigs will need some type of buffing and styling right out of the package and the final fit will depend on how the wig was made and the flexibility of the wig cap.